Resilient Healthcare Automation

Reassign resources and staff in dynamic response to changing situations in the near and far future

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What We Do

Greatmix is a software-based start-up company that offers a SaaS solution to healthcare organizations in the operational environment. Our platform is based on artificial intelligence and network science and allows end-to-end process optimization. With the company's products, it is possible to increase various metrics, including revenue, capacity, and resource utilization, both at the planning and scheduling level and when allocating resources and mitigating risks & unexpected events in real-time.


Our Business

Greatmix is a cloud-native SaaS platform built on Artificial Intelligence and Network Science components to forecast future gaps between the needs of each unit and the resources available to it. Eliminating bottlenecks, reallocating staff and equipment, and ensuring flexible flow between the interconnected hospital units. Greatmix's solution serves as a network navigation tool that measures agility and resilience in dealing with inpatient influx, resource bottlenecks, and delay propagation. 


Meet The Team


Dr. Mor Brokman Meltzer

Co-Founder & CEO

Mor holds a PhD in Business Administration from Bar-Ilan University.  
While managing her own consulting business, she provided professional services to various industries, including healthcare. As well as writing several articles, she founded two startups in the project management field. In order to improve the quality of healthcare everywhere, Mor believes that implementing innovative research findings from the academy is critical.


Avi Paz

Co-Founder & CTO

Avi started his career in the Israeli Air Force, where he served as a Software Engineer in an elite technology unit for over 6 years. Following his military service, Avi worked for several commercial companies including PayPal, EMC, and Microsoft. Before joining Greatnix, Avi was a Cloud Architect and Software Engineer at Microsoft primarily working with healthcare organizations to facilitate their digital transformations.

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Prof. Baruch Barzel

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Professor Barzel, is a research associate in Harvard Medical School, Channing Division of Network Medicine, and a principal investigator at the Data Science Institute of Bar-Ilan University.  
He founded the Complex Network Dynamics lab to convert structure into function and predict how signals spread within networks. Baruch aims to systematically use complex network data to understand, predict and control its observed behavior.